Xarxa Escaladors de Catalunya (APUNTA'T AQUÍ !)

Xarxa Escaladors de Catalunya (APUNTA'T AQUÍ !)
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dijous, d’octubre 13, 2011

the move

Sometimes the move appears above just as a matter of POWER

And sometimes is a little puzzle of factors that only the sefknowledge and the learning from those who, as you, are true believers, can give us...is THE METHOD, not as something static but personalized...

Thanks Rosi to keep me allways ( as old as I'm) with my eyes so wide open as I was a child...I'll put the rest!!!

Not Black Eyes, not Black Minds...only FLOW, this is the real boulder essence, the rest are simply details...oh yeah man...


4 comentaris:

Anònim ha dit...

you have the three, power, method, and flow. Do it!

Anònim ha dit...

We always forget the most important thing: the position of the body!

Kind regards

Thank you for the metode with the hook and tell me good position in the purple one!

TR ha dit...

Oh yeah man...shanty!!!

Anònim ha dit...

Keep psyched this year will be one of the best years ever in ours boulder lifes.

The two purples problems, will be yours next day!